Fluticasone Propionate And Salmeterol Xinafoate

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chloride of iron were applied, and syiaip of the per-
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culed the statement of Mr. Evan Thomas, jun., as to
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Observations on the thyroid gland, by Mr. T. W. King ;
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ness of the flap till its point projects for a couple of
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though many of the collateral branches of knowledge
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of continued fever to be inflammation of the brain,
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such operation should be done until symptoms super-
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raised they fell as dead weights ; reflex action could
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opinion that inoculation with matter taken from in-
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add, not substitute ; do not let us lose ourselves in
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ment, I found the introduction of ice into the uterus
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Shubs for the Naval Surgeon.— Recently, in an important ship,
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distended. She was, on admission, thin, pale, sallow, and apparently worn down by great sufl'ering. Eight days before the operation,
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universe, w ch can't be charged upon the infinitely
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30th, he was placed under the influence of chloroform,
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crow, a kind of wagtail, flights of small birds not
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of all the healthy I have submitted to examination,
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men's cases were all successful, and the last-named
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and his reading of the book referred to, had excited
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imdefined, multiform, or protean state of the constitution termed
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ciu'sory signs of that violent kind of effusion which
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Society; Dr. Radford; Mr. Gamgee ; Dr. Noblf. ; Mr. John
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4 p.m. Professor Hu.xley, "t)n the Structure aud Classilica-
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THE Royal Medical and Chiruroical Society; Mr. Henry
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dually exercised a compression on the upper lobe of the
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of the lancet of late years has been unfortunate ; and
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date ; its performance is recorded before obstetric
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dical officers must not be expected to contribute from
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in every case, of congenital luxation, when it has oc-
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not allow its direct intervention as jirosecutor ; but

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