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lutely like French sheep, Algerian sheep die almost immediately after bacteremic
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essential! As the question appears to its everything serves to support
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lation becomes greater, gases collect, the already distended
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examining, be the origin of all the symptoms, and a failure
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Dr. Frederick Holme Wiggin exhibited '*A Gangrenous Ver-
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Division of the Nineteenth Army Corps in 1865, having been mus-
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tion of the ganglia nor elevation of rectal temperature. Exactly the same was true
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much better. After a few days the pain entirely disappeared.
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will confer such lasting benefit on the state and on the dairy
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period, yielded to active cathartics. These at length seemed inef-
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edy for debility of every kind." — National Dispensatory. " In
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orrhage. The improvement in the use of the limb which in
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recover. In Detroit some animals are reported as having dropped dead
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as follows : In case of cattle, by clipping the hair off the end of the tail, and in
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have also suffered to some extent with lung fever. Cholera has pre-
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family began to realize that a general break-up was in progress.
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blood vessels became atheromatous; the power of accommodation
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accounted for by the far greater frequency with which it
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LeitJi. — Leith has not a foreign-animals' wharf, but has two landing-places for ani-
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Surgn.-Capt. F. P. Maynard, m.a., m.b., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p.,
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cal medicine and surgery, with one further reference I will close.
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tors were convinced that cases not well-marked were left be-
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with my own, which include the forty-two originally pub-
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1 had ample opportunities to test most of the usual
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which survived the first attack contracted the disease often er than
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so call it, is not lost. It is a question in mj' mind whether
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It has been used locally in tonsilitis and pharyngitis.
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Since the good old days, when the word "doctor" ex-
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ing losses among their swine. Mr. Lyon is a reliable gentleman and thrifty farmer,
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finally such remarks as may seem necessary to more particu-
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disease of 1880 is exactly the same swine-plague that prevailed in 1S78-
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cular letter of Dr. Salmon on the subject of fowl cholera.
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next morning at 8:20 a. m. a friend administered two tablespoons-
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and how far I have succeeded in solving these problems is not for me to
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mixed with the others that the Canadian and United States cattle could
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from the size of that organ. When, under these conditions,

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