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and mucus discharges from the nose. The case of pig No. 13 proves also
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exceeding misfortune to both friends and patient. This
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animals within their district, and that these correspondents have not at
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and outlet openings, of such size and position as Will secure a proper supply of air to
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in 100 cases of various diseases, and the results appear to confirm
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of laying the foundation of all our knowledge of this
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tude of the difficulties caused by the enormous size and
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the patient, having taken four doses of the medicine, felt very
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were oftesi degenerated in the centers, causing the little losses of substance referred
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Presidential Address. By Surgn.-Lieut.-Col. W. G. King, bi.d., cm., d.p.h., I. M. S., Sanitary
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weather a pouring rain: hail, thunder-storm, hurricane during the night,
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blade) was stretching across the rectum, with one of its extremi-
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erwise disposed of in conformity with the provisions of the act of 1869 or any order of
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Alfred Salter of Sudbury, Middlesex county, England, on "The
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The contraction of the renal arteries may be caused either by
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The relation of genital disorders to nervous derangement
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was resected. In two weeks time she was able to sit and walk
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there is noticeable hyperemia of the surface of the heart.
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grammes unless diarrhoea intervened, which was too strong to be
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had a personal call from him. He was in perfect health.
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was. if I remember correctly, in the month of July, 1878, when I was very much pre-
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Patiri.'.- -■■,ne:;i.j fiV'in. de'.irium ti'tniens and drunkards always
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Case X. — Fish-bones impacted in the rectum, causing death.
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a very interesting fact, and suggests that Hallier may not be so far
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history of pre-existing eczema of the areola in the cases of car-
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varies as to make comparison impossible, if all opinions are
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shall he removed from their lair or other place adjacent to the landing place where for-
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placed in a beaker and moistened with a weak solution of salt (three-
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petually the use of the drug which he had employed constantly
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cargoes, consisting of 821 cattle, 5,143 sheep, and 354 swine, contained 2 catl Le affected
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above within an hour and a half (Experiment 5). The penetrating
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