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louse ten animals, sheep and dogs, which he had in this way rendered
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*Hodgman, William H., 108 Caroline St., Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co.
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due to errors of refraction and accommodation is fatigue.
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causes formation of a tumor, which is resolved into an abscess with
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and that by injection of a diluted aqueous solution resulted in
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open and to he distinguished by their epithelial lining, but their muscular coat has
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flaps by amputation far above the limits of gangrene. In my
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Case I. — November 13th, 1897, J. P. B., male; age, 25; nativity,
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is some obstruction to the entrance of air into the larynx. It
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102.5° F. ; tongue broad, pale, flabby, covered with slight gray
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enter the system at one or two different points, — through
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**As regards the disturbances of sensation following the anaes-
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hogany color and gorged with blood ; the gall bladder large and full of
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over and found the cow, a large red-and- white milch cow, heavy with calf,
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valescence is established. In severe cases improvement is only
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a granulation, for exaaiple, which would merely impede the
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the physiological peculiarities ; for the classification by form alone must
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jects who have remained healthy. From the above one
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two intestinal cases, which included those of acute and chronic
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as coccos or bacteria for a number of generations, are looked upon as
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The villagers, living at some distance from a river or
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foreign body, gall-stone, or enterolith, or pedunculated
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"For speculative minds, it would be a promising task to find
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out. I found that he had originally purchased 60 of these animals, 7 of which up to
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travention of the regulations of a local authority under this order, or fails in respect
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upper lip, and a little coryza. There are several small ecchy-
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the different varieties of headache were extremely confusing,
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knocked at his door in '' the Tenderloin ; " the professor did
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kept in an incubator at a temperature of 90° to 100° F. for a few days,
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then it was exchanged for half meat diet. Haust. calumb. alk.
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eyelids are kept open for a few seconds, then closed four to five
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started in the same way. The condition is, I believe, very rare.
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nation showed the work to be of such great importance that Congress
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vations cannot be gainsaid, but it appears to me that sufficient
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pathology, I would emphasize again the importance of catar-
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atmospheric germs, and might be preserved pure till examined. From
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explorers, by a brother who is sure he has light to shed and
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ical experience has proved that as a result of its introduction

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