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**0f the serum treatment as applied to syphilis, leprosy, and
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must be divided into two classes: 1st, those whose insanity
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who was also emaciated, and suifering from debility, and "'ho
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The third had a mild attack, with yellow urates and loss of appetite
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come the acquired protective influence, and the no less certain fact that
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ful of the mixture instead of two teafpoonsful. Thus she took
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adhesive plaster, and three fear the danger of septic arthritis
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Dr. E. L. Dawson of Camden, x^rkansas, has published his
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more serious attack. The following case is an anomaly
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should be continued if both of these sensations cease. The
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** When this combination was administered, the purulent dis-
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morning is conscious not only that his head aches, but that
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greater or less degree follows a fracture of the patella treated
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symptoms leading to their discovery. In such a condition,
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Buena Vista. — The epizooty prevails in a very mild form among our
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Apollos," but during several years my attention has been so
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tioned here. Thus phenol converted into soluble form by means
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senting a similar appearance as the left ; but the layer of detritus (old
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frozen within him ! Xever again will he grace our meetings with
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that most of the atmospheric germs would float on the surface, and that
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preserved for some days in a sealed bottle, or tightly packed in dry
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we periodically have in the pain in these cases. We also
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on the gas fully when the pressure is low, and turning it partly
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that he has demonstrated that the symptoms of thyroidism, so-
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*• On September 5th last I was called at 9.30 p. m. to Mrs. B., a
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they are hidden from our eyes forever ! I believe thee a true
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on the diagnosis except by failing to act on the bowel. Rec-
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A large proportion of our cattle die in March or early spring for want
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Saligenin (produced synthetically from phenol and formalde-
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pass through the intestines and be expelled at stool.
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its evil results. If the bacteria increase slowly the system will be likely
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and the third one that died, showed the first symptoms of disease on
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in water, but after violent shaking in water it is divided up into
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of them even believe the period of detention from work to
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and susceptibility of the birds both proved by other inoculations.
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find evidence of the deleterious effects of alcohol on the system
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such cases with the greatest care, even at the risk of losing a
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Hunt, James G., 5 Gardner Block, Utica, Oneida Co. Original.

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