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110. An action or proceeding shall not lie against any person acting or intending to

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Materia Medica at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School. Is.

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Therefore, they conclude that the influence on the germination

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and grooving of faecal contents point to obstruction in the

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affair, and the cure should be definitive, for no place is left

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(in the work cited) rather than the contagious form. It seems hard to believe that so

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**In the matter of disinfection it may be of interest to note

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demonstrate the existence of such an anatomical condition in

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is advantageous in improving the nutrition and tone of both

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Vaccination was, however, started within two years of

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the lot of each has been cast. When we tims see the progeny of the

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on such mortgage security according to the terms thereof.

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worse and more feeble. On the 11th November she found on getting up in

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Report o£ Agiiciclture for 1880 . Plate YIJ .

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Another point worthy of suggesting is the difference

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organisms, tubercle bacilli, micrococcus tetragenus, and elastic

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upon the Yerterinary Inspector of the port, Mr. J. W. T. Moore, F. E. C. V.

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Of the stages, the early one is long, the collapse and

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ever, leads us to believe that little or nothing is to be

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gressing from the east towards the west of Europe. Its extension seems

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non-infected district indefinitely : but if a single infected animal be allowed to go

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in investigating other contagious diseases, and may settle points which

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blage, some of whose members have not the price of a bed

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with his hospital plant, when he was aware that such a

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more than a minute before this she had been turned over on to

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Worlds and the constant increase of inventions and discover-

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the coolies employed as " cook's mates." It appears to

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tilis. The true reason of this loss of infective properties did not appear.

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