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twenty-four hours. The cases which seemed to respond best to

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epizooty. The disease has manifested itself in a mild form, and where

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Guaiacol (the chief constituent of creosote) and its various com-

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right that the investigation already commenced should be carried to the other side,

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vations made by most careful observers now-a-days when pulmon-

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Remarks on Linear Extraction of the Lens. By Surgn. -Major C. J. Bamber, I. M. S. ... 172 — 173

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less every year' among our hogs. It changes about from one neighbor-

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is under the influence of both, the medical attendant can fre-

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system then begins to feel it, and the greater this

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out the entire duration of the experiments made at Saint Germain, t

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case that had died suddenly - 7 one day only on the quill.

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mostly under a line in diameter, but one has an extent of an inch and a half by one-

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examinations nearly the whole cycle of metamorphoses necessary to the

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and in midwifery practice. He has always found it a most reliable

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had not arrived. She was about to send word to him that he need

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skull was oval shaped in outline and nearly as large as a silver

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Volume 10, 1874. Edited by James Andrew, M.D., and Thomas SmiH, F.E.C.S.

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7. Foreign animals shall, except as in this order provided, be detained for at least

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cup of chicken broth with a teaspoonful of somatose stirred in it.

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of interest on money borrowed by them for the purposes of this part of this act, an l

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it. It can be kept in subjection, if not cured, by dipping in a solution

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111., on this agent as a local anaesthetic, reads as follows:

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would resent the imputation of being paupers show no hesi-

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which produce -what is called in that country mal de' moniagne— mountain disease (Alem-

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considered it necessary to pass, and which comes into operation on the 4th x^roximo.

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of sulphur and tobacco, warm. The disease simply reduces the clip of

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more populous towns. I will refer to the epidemic of

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on a grand scale. He thought it was the duty of every medi-

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and in the rectum at 101.5°. A local rectal congestion

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