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avoid the wrong, and who sin through ignorance. Still, in
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soda or acetate of potash produced by neutralizing the acetic acid
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September 8. — Pigs all right, except No. 14, which has poor appetite,
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obtained." (Berlin, klin. Woehensch., Vol. XXXV, page 550.) All
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tember 5th, he was brought to the Surgery in the afternoon, and I
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the vein has been opened, because of the uncertainty some-
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sanitary measures is now much more fully recognised
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thousand copies for the use of members of the Senate, and seven thousand seven hun-
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operators now leave metallic sutures in herniotomy wounds,
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preparation for more than seven years, and have found that 10
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accompanying symptoms which did not subside until the abscess
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neighborhood of Washington. As it would appear from the Order in Council of the
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tion, however, is somewhat less (150 cc); varying somewhat from
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This is generallj'^ associated with anaemia and broken-down
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(all in a filthy condition), at Williamsburg,* near Brooklyn. This large cow-house
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extensive, a cicatrix may be formed the same as in other tissues, in the
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an active agent in organizing forces to cripple and disable
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you welcome, and declare the fifteenth annual meeting open.
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and gentle traction is exerted on the intussusceptum until
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physical and moral condition that they would actually cover
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peared to be the inability of the patient to retain the solution for
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examination, Dr. "W. F. "Whitney's, of lungs of pleuro-pneumonia 272
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the pathogenic granules* 4. The virus may consist of transparent bio-
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der quite odorless, slightly sweet in taste and insoluble in water.
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of certificates regarding the efficacy and value of quack medicines.
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the back of the soft palate. He was admitted and went down for a bath.
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In October, 1871, Dr. H. O. Marcy of Boston read a paper
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was fed repeatedly with cultivated material (swine-plague schizophytse
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more hiohly maonified, J 4<in . objective X 100 .
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brother was telling me about the ill-treatment Dr. D had shown to
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developed abundantly in a liquid collection which followed the injection
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