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tested by adding a drop to some of Pasteur's solution, sterilized by heat,
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him before a justice, or than twenty-four hours at longest.
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Smith, Frederick A., 3 Clinton Place, Troy, Rensselaer Co.
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to every disease affecting swine. Quite a large number of hogs have
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blistering such a recently recovered patient, for inoculation into a
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was attacked with vertigo. He rallied from this and until the fol-
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and water, but without much success. After he had left he
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Anchylostoma Duodenale. By H. Thornhiil, M.B., Dub., L.R.C.S.I., Kandy, Ceylon ... •.• 62—68
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Authority, while the carcasses of all the diseased animals were destroyed at a bone-
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Mich., to fill an appointment as physician and surgeon to the
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part which chiefly suffers from it is exclusively com-
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tion is due to malignant growth, removal of foreign tumors
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of pleuro-pneunionia, Dr. "W. F . Whitney's microscopic examination of 272
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I may deem pertinent in this connection, I have the honor to herewith transmit a large
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New York Central, Vermont Central, Boston and Albany, and- the
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qu'ils m'ont menage I'lionneur de porter la parole en
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patient was anaesthetised, and I sutured the scalp and amputated
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fraction of the crystalline lenses was changing is shown by the
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within the vessels. If, on the other hand, a minimum amount of the
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April 20. — Pig No. 4 apparently in a dying condition ; cannot live
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pected to secure success. These risks far outweigh the
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was almost universal in its exhaustive powers. There were now
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Lewitzky and Andus show the toxic effect of these solutions to be in-
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outside. No cases have occurred in this manner since the cold weather has destroyed
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other place, and went to Oquawka, Henderson county, Illinois, where,
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said would be subjected to revision. The time for operating had
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interested motives and pure philanthropy in giving away his
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35. Where a local authority is authorized by the privy council to put in operation
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stood, and the clothing of people who have been about the sick animals,
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prepared by the addition of simple hot water. The temper-
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all lymphatic glands enlarged ; the external surface of the lungs (lung-
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wrong. The vital statistics for Dhubri district for 1892
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be attached to the various symptoms of acute obstruction of
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infallible, but the percentage of errors when properly used is quite
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