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in an obscurity, more pronounced by contrast. For instance,
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The fourteenth annual meeting of the Third District Branch of
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To this, in twelve or fifteen minutes, was added intense itching,
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cable speed, cause the carcass thereof to be disinfected on board the vessel in such
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suffer more or less every year from cholera. Fowls are also afflicted
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with material directly from the body of a sick hog, or by natural infec-
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produced by the action of the ordinary pyogenic oiganisms
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them. The temperature in exophthalmos is quite as often
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sell. I never fattened a hog on a floored pen ; always make the floor over my bogs ;
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Dry seasons in particular soils dangerous in swine plague 132
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iug epidemics of charbon about seven-eighths of those attacked die of
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ing distinct growths and characteristic history and faecal
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more effective, and these include earnest efforts on the part of those
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single aggregation of spherical granules, having the characters of the swine plague
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with same material as that of Mr. Carson's pig on June 10 ; was taken
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really is weak and elastic. But the immersion of it in alcohol,
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If the dean professor so instructs, the graduating class of
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rate, and it shall not be incumbent on the public -works loan commissioners to require
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particularly operations for cataract, while as has been said,
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who are all eager to take the helm, and in the scramble to
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examined in the natural condition, and also stained with carmine, hcema-
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late day, been entirely cleared up. True, in certain direc-
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acetic acid, the fine granules disappear, and the contents of the cell
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" (6) That also a non-contaminated preparation of new tubercu-
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taken place, the cavity of the uterus is at once diminished in size
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In each case, a town was chosen in which cholera was
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this agent in his surgical practice. He observes that it acts well as
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during the past season. Some hog and chicken cholera have prevailed,
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or twice would probably secure a greater immunity with less loss of
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cil, to dig up, or cause to be dug up, the careass or any part of the carcass of any
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In the last report reference was made to the enormous losses which were caused by
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L. Y. = Y^^ refraction corrected, Y. = ^. Reads with correcting
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