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be held an argument against this particular operation than

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cell from each of the half dozen different groups of tissues

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many instances has been overcome after distension, the risk

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Table I. — Showing the Total Number of Cases of each

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general conclusions as those arrived at by Dr. Arnold Chaplin

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to the relations of the healthy lung, then to the changes seen in a lung affected with

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and as overshadowed by the chief factor, vis., rainfall,

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Body. By G. V. Ellis and G. H. Ford. Imperial folio, 2 vols., half-bound

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Georgia and western jSbrth Carolina, in fact along the whole Blue Ridge

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ders — not a great many with glanders. Hogs do not die of cholera, but

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complained of was don6 or omitted by him when acting or intending to act under the

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condition requisite to its preservation is a restricted supply of air com-

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for three days, by a No. 12 catheter through the wound for three

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I have never given more than 90 grains in 24 hours,

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The reason that the use of ether was given up for that of

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out exception, even in animals that had resisted ordinary inoculations.

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ferences of opinion still exist. In 1890, at a meeting of the

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first with dryness, narrowing, and rigidity, and subsequently moisture, dilatation, and

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ing the prevalence of diseases among swine and other domestic animals in the States,

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cine, and in the substitution of exact knowledge for theory

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every two hours. If any sign of sinking of the pulse

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being pathogenic to animals. Foker supposed them to

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officer as aforesaid, or by such other officer as the privy council prescribes.

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Crittenden. — Two or three thousand dollars will cover all the losses

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method of boiling in cumol, whereby the gut is subjected

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similar symptoms. This condition of matters lasted from November to

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each time before it fully recovered from the previous attack. In every

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