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with what courtesy and polite bows they are welcomed by the
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JD ickens. — Horses are sufferin g from a mild form of epizooty. Ko deaths
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disease may have been contracted in this way is possible, but not at all
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judging from his appearance and the pain in his shoulder that he
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TiepoTt CoTTLTtiissioTLer of A^xicidtTtre for 1880.
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and extending to the bone, caused probably by decubitus. Internally,
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their respective cysts, were found imperfectly developed, the
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thence to the throat by way of the eustachian tube. The applica-
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ing will almost surely forestall any predisposition which
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results have always been satisfactory. In chronic articular rheu-
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the macula where fatty degeneration in the nerve-fibre layer,
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very much narrowed, the pelvis being greatly dilated, and
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are more liable to cause compression. Eight out of twenty-
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ure, the process in the choroid coat ; secondly, the exuda-
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46. If any person fails to give, produce, do, or observe any notice, license, thing, or
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These movements of the clusters, plainly amoeboid, led to the con-
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malignant growths may present. Secondly we should con-
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lents where thought necessary and proper. They make use of the
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Repetition of inoculation has always seemed to give renewed assurance of the in-
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pertinent question, were the original granules observed by Klein spher-
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retary was authorized to cast one ballot for the list of names as
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months old, and one-fourth for sheep. Large doses must be avoided, as
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which losses have occurred during the past year. Sore throat prevailed
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the cases are what we would call " acute," but a few show
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minimum. It is hardly wise to extend the incision in the
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I have to-day seen and conversed with Mr. Eastman, who is the principal shipper
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When the site of the obstruction cannot be definitely
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Intravenous injection of sulphate of copper, emetic action of, 145.
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duced to the state of germs. They would be inoffensive if they remained within the
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ly falls, and by the end of October two-thirds of the
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symptom, pain is present in 83 per cent, of cases ; absent in
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Morse of Boston, Mass., read an account of a case at a meeting of
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For about three weeks we have been having quite cold weather, the
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in a few cases to have done, that in any severe cold with
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these articles to state where they censider my evidence
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ceived the same numbers as the pens which they occupied. Pens Kos.
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Carbolic acid treatment of pigs Nos. 15 and 16, which are doing well in

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