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count of the symptoms produced in the Medical Press and (Circu-

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Bon Homme County. — A few weeks ago cattle in the center of our

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bacilli as rods and filaments, some containing spores and immense number of free

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sown the wind, and the profession and people have reaped

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amputation was performed at the end of a month in the fii-st case (a boy) . The

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drawing from the blood taken from a vein just before the death of the

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genesis (the production of double monsters) in cases where

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justify one in pronouncing it diseased with swine plague. The iodine

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hysteria, simple delirium tremens, the temporary cerebral

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cholic stupor, acute dementia, and secondary stupors, fol-

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of adnormal parts in the ovary during foetal life ; others

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edly for months for treating successive battles of gut.

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row on the credit of the property on the credit whereof they are authorized to borrow

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single and moving, and in zooglcea, while only a few of the large bacilli,

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tain general facts bearing on the question, in order to show what kind

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till he was prostrated with an attack which resembled disease of

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The disease had prevailed for several weeks, and a few hogs from this

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is stated that (3) the foreign auinials order of 1871 "has and shall have effect subject

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of nitrate and thirty of bicarbonate in a large tumbler of water.

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of the use I am making of them now. I am convinced that

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being, and I also put through a similar course of treat-

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The meeting was called to order by the President, Dr. Douglas

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croup when other agents have failed, and in persistent attacks of

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the spool than of the larger. While immersed in the forma-

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its potency increased. — This I had found to be the case when experi-

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the plug acts as a valve, allowing the air to pass in one direction but opposing its pas-

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flat on summit and one-third inch in diameter and less.

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All scientific matters of common knowledge were once in

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Davis.— A mild form of epizooty is now affecting the horses of this

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what are the facts? Bassini's operation embraces three

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