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the tetany. . Epilepsy and tetany have occurred together in the same

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pale yellow or yellowish red to dark reddish brown, with a peculiar dim

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or germinal rods, are during haustellation injected into the tissues of

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not shed, as in exfoliative dermatitis. Relapses are of such frequent

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outbursts of excitement. Another not uncommon termination is for the

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attack follow its ordinary course, after some weeks or months the patient

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by the fact that it is not done for my own gratification. Assault upon a

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itself ; indeed by many men death would be faced more calmly. One of

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become anaesthetic, so that anything held in the hand may be dropped if

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scious part of the mind is occupied with something else ; and the shock

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plications ; but drunkenness is not very common among neurasthenics : in

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Micrococci in tetrads, or in irregular groups containing three or more

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social plane from which the patients were derived. Much stress has

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But if none of them can be established even in part, she is not entitled

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digestive tract ; though the skin or other surfaces may in some cases be

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zygote is the result. The zygote acquires locomotory and penetrating

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ears may be treated by astringent lotions of sulphate (or, in more severe

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exceedingly chronic, and may not affect the glands or give rise to meta-

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force which regulates the ordinary actions of the system,

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of a miliaria rubra or prickly heat, a condition very closely allied to

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another candidate. Let us suppose, first, that he is already in possession

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habitually exceeds his income ; a still greater degree by him who dissipates

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In 1895, I published 9 cases of obsession; these, with the exception

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neurotic nature of psoriasis, it only shows that, like patches of eczema or

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pected agent. It certainly speaks volumes for the constitu-

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objective conditions, such as vaso-constriction and hypersensitiveness.

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(a) The smear may be air-dried by placing the cover glass

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by pressure. The lymph-spaces also are often filled with extravasated

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taining to the life of man in this world which in one way or

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being in front. When this metamorphosed body, which may be very

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should be stayed. But she declared that nothing should in-

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patches, but not universally, of a yellow colour due to the admixture

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the disease is being successfully treated. In all cases a deeply pigmented

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