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increase of 16°. 3 in the atmosphere caused an average increase of 1°.25 in body tem-
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connective tissue layer of the wall, and are covered internally
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on the mechanism of the menstrual flow, and reporting cases in
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growth of germs. These are more liable to the accidents of
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cow does not give infected milk, it is only a question of time
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labor, which exercise a power in self-protection. Base-ball clubs,
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increased and the cough much lessened. The purulent character
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spaces (Plate II, lym. sp. B) are filled with a semi-gelatihous fiuid, which in hardened
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confronted by the same unsatisfactory state of the knowledge concerning
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the case of my informant, was all that he had in the world.
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No. 2, emaciated, and with slight ansemia, and with right leg
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ology in Queen's College, Galway. Fcp. Svo. 3s. 6rf.
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them at this time. He closes his article as follows: "In conclu-
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good suture material, the risk of recurrence immediately or
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and growth of this micro-organism, in suitable media,
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all cattle traffic, and the cattle on the farm had all been raised there, even to the bull,
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June 9.— Temperature, 98'8". Pulse, 88. The symptoms of
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sufficiently to give an early and definite warning, and that
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Texans were shipped, from Kansas to Massachusetts, have suffered to
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tween the last injection and the inoculation with anthrax liquids; other-
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assumed that it might be found useful, but I had great trouble in
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taking better care of their stock than formerly, and it shows quickly in
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and soil, the virus would soon perish or be transformed into a harmless
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cholera. This investigation resulted in the discovery of many important
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is hung up, and once each day every slaughter-house where killing is
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wood, and salol, administered in capsules according to the follow-
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his aid is in the autopsy room ; the pathologist wants to
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long the bacillus of tetanus which lives only on the surface of the
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examined. The morbid changes in the lungs, however, proved to be
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If shallow, it may often be improved by drawing the chin from
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Trumbull. — The cattle in this county were recently attacked with Texas
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circular letter. Out of some two thousand letters forwarded but few
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