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quickly become deformed; the granules would pass through it in vari-
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Last year, when whole herds were treated, it could not be ascertained
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and a decision has been rendered by the supreme court of the State of Illinois, as to
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What I have just narrated is the result of my inquiry on this side. So soon as the
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it to be both simple and safe. He admits that it may give rise
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certainly is '' evidence," which in 1890 Bull conceived to be
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cation of these micrococci, and is, consequently, much more efficacious than carbolic
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and a mild attack of cystitis were occasionally observed, which
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of two sutures, which are passed through all the intestinal
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or is the presence in the system of the bacteria essential f — If we knew posi-
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Immerse in the formaline solution the same and treat in all
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ducts and acini, the increase in their epithelial elements, and the
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During the first forty-eight hours after operation, if the
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pig thus inoculated having afterward had a sharp attack of swine plague
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arterial spasm, a consequent cerebral anaemia, and perhaps
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only those picked out from a much greater number, to illustrate or
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few times during these days. When seen there were bloody,
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casein has decided advantages over that prepared from meat
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sisted of feeding certain lots of sheep with luzerne, which was sprinkled with artificial
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openly insulted every self-respecting physician in the land.
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thoroughly believe that their decisions were given in accordance with
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dead hogs, and their trade depended on the spread of the disease.
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attempted by this way of administration, on account of the slow-
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the matter and did not help us in our efforts to secure what
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nerves which account for its absence. This condition is
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ment in enteric fever, and the following has been the result up to
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eral times since. The last attack was eight years ago.
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the aggregations of granules; no movement in any, and but few single
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tained from the presence of the disease, by the farmers and dairymen
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Under the guidance and influence of this association,
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by the board of education, the leading opponent remarking, "You
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food and water during its detention; and any expenses incurred by him in respect
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rectum which interfered with the passage of a small bougie.
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■ It is virtually agreed by all pathologists at the present
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and quicklime, scattered in the yards and applied to the buildings in the form of a
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always, a crenated appearance, but healthy blood frequently does the
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investigation was commenced four years ago, the first year without any
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tively large quantities of devitalized virus (pure blood). Not one of
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DoNKiN, M.D. Edin., M.D. Durh. ; Member of the Clinical Society of London ;
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Manhattan, Kans., and placed myself at their disposal to endeavor to

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