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The state board of health began the examination of cattle

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age of either the whole ergot or the ground ergot and properly seal

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was tainted with putrefaction, and, consequently, am sure that I have

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purgatives cannot be endured. The mouth should be washed twice

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book are as follows: "February 14th, 1898 — Improved in all

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tively large quantities of devitalized virus (pure blood). Not one of

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various objects that go to make up the picture. Yet this is what

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We may remove it by any means in our power : it will inevitably

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There is quite a common impression that acute inflamma-

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course of the sciatic. Like other neuralgias they are more

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St. Mary's and Lock Hospitals. Second Edition. Crown Svo. 10«. %d.

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medicines, such as silver, bluestone, alum, iodin, etc., and direct

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pigs apparently healthy. Pigs Nos. 2 A and 2 B have a ravenous ap-

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nancies patient has gradually been developing more and more pro-

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charity was a blow that should have been resented, and

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September 26. — Beceive a second hypodermic injection of the same

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evidence of the efficacy of antitoxin, particularly when it is early

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denly and before the economy had become inured to its influence.

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June 8th, last (Boston Med. and Surg. Journ., Vol. CXXXIX,

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This solution is left for a few minutes in contact with the tympa-

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am unable to say, but it has proved effectual. This preventive I accidentally dis-

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ing of the bowel is brought about by intussusception in one

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The Use of Catgut Sutures in Ventro-fixation of the Uterus. By

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to have been observed as insane, after removal of the uterus

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has undoubtedly been made use of throughout the past year by

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then general infection of the system takes place. There is a

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to the well in house No. 1 for water. These deaths all

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urates. Pulse irregular in volume ; left smaller than right. No

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4. Relapsing Fever. — The patient was a male aged 24. The fever was dependant

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most in the rank of cities that have adopted many precautions

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not only made evident the exceeding vascularit}^ of the

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some New Substitutes for Silver Nitrate in the Treatment of Gon-

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