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a scheduled contagious disease, and our animals are now under restric-
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to be from American cattle, and they had not exhibited to him lesions
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after referred to as the urates, and it is the only part which claims our attention.
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no disease is there greater necessity for the use of knowledge
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solutions in preference to syrup; and the introduction of a greater
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to believe that in all cases carcinoma forms in breasts in which
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Three examples occurred to him, in which it had been proved
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not necessarily confined to the branches of a single nerve,
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to a new silver compound with albumin, containing 11.2 per cent,
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13. Where any animal affected with any contagious or infectious disease is landed
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and a disease which we call murrain, which is incident to cattle only.
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to stay. Its comparative freedom from poisonous effects gives it a
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Non-existence of foot-and-mouth disease in the West 319
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fitness of those applying for alms, and this inquiry must not
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is not only not useful but so obviously adds to the
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little new appears in the medical literature under this head. How-
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diagnosis, that either of the mental states of depression or
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Fitzgerald, John F., State Custodial Asylum, Rome, Oneida Co.
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fellow, it suffered seriously from the sudden change from the milk of its
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Aug. 5, 1891. Right eye shows incipient senile cataract ; other-
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have fallen on Kumbh fairs. The explana+ion given by
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shown by other cases to be especially virulent, and while it is idle to spec-
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toms of indefinite duration, and uninfluenced either
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The eye shows lesions consequent upon kidney trouble in
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Peinoculation of swine plague, hastens fatality of «*
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objectionable to the patient himself. Dr. St. Clair Thomson dis-
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10th. A pig (No. 6, 1879) inoculated with lung exudate from a pig
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ady, which seemed to be causing great alarm among cattle raisers in
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which a practitioner injected into a psoas abscess somewhat over
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informed of any intelligence which you may have received upon the subject, or to
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opening left in the gut after their removal is to be closed
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removed, were made up of human and horse-hair, sewing
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growth is not detectable through the abdominal wall. The

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