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these granules are all the spores of our particular bacillus, or even that
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sions had fallen from 63 in 1891 to 33 in 1896, although a much
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gave, on the other hand, apparently good results without pain.
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Congress assembled, That there be printed fifty thousand copies of special report num-
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a specific and fatal anaemia is caused by this parasite
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Dr. H. a. Pooler, of New York county, said that he had been
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was removed ; this gave a much better appearance. The sphincter
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we had finished to my entire satisfaction, a man came to say that we
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of natural agencies and antiseptics. He finds that so powerful an agent
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as a rule, entitled to be classed as neuralgic, because of their
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the shop, I applied a temporary dressing and ordered him re-
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May 31. — Increased symptoms of swine plague; the disease assumes a chronic form.
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t See Special Eeport No. 22, page 179, Department of Agriculture, for argument in
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poison, I have no cause to suspect that. I have never
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formed part of a cargo from the United States, where pieuro-pneumonia was known
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But the undoubted fact that an excessive dose of the poison will over-
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comma-bacillus of cholera, which is surely our own.
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acquired diathesis, are equally important to notice.
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negative evidence what the probabilities are respecting them. As you
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of the atmosphere, &c, because other influences, proceeding from the
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effect of moral shock or the delirium that precedes death in
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found in the faeces on careful examination on at least
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in brick house without cellar; very little sunshine. Habits, good.
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Complains of frontal headache, and pain in the neck. Urine
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When pain is not severe, obstruction not complete, and
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but can be readily removed by warm water, and by such applica-
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came out so young that they were beaten in the advan-
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grayish-colored pus : outside this a very thin membrane; outside this
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objectionable preparations. The daily dose at the beginning of
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viduals, or as a general characteristic common to all Algerian sheep brought to France,
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mane have escaped me; I have omitted some as unnecessary ;
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nant in 1878, it was, as a rule, very mild in the latter part of 1879 and
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characterized by marked hypersemia. When the extract of the
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have seen a white-haired woman, almost toothless, face
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An interesting letter addressed to the editor of the N. Y. Med.
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mouth was examined, and great crowding of the teeth discovered.
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the tubes were then closed and placed in a water bath at the temperature and for the
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3. The granular bioplasm. — Early in my investigations my attention
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