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cargoes, consisting of 821 cattle, 5,143 sheep, and 354 swine, contained 2 catl Le affected
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then inserted, and, at the present time, the discharge had prac-
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The second anil third reports of Dr. Charles P. Lyman, on the sub-
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As it appears to me, there are two distinct lines on
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an intoxication resulting from the ingestion of decomposed thyroid
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shrivelled epithelium on the velum palati or pharynx. The rim a
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perature demand more air in proportion to their body weight than the
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17th. A pig (No. 13, present list) that had been inoculated froni a
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which arrived at the port of Liverpool from the United States of America, a country
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Dr. W. Franklin Coleman of Chicago, 111., reports {Journ. Amer.
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times in the same cars, as the animals going from thence to Great Brit-
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At the apex of the right lung is a solid mass highly pigmented,
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by some notable limitation in the movements of the joint,
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without diminishing its tensile strength. It can be had in
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for more than a year, and in both there were hard fits of violent
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ined as an expert the lungs from some of the Ontario cattle. He said :
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on Indian corn of the preceding year's crop, this adds its quota of cos-
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holds enough gut for one or two long sutures, according to
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such delegation, and fix the quorum, and add to or diminish the number of the mem-
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I will now try to indicate in the briefest way what
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Hannan, James C, Port Chester, Westchester Co. Founder.
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pressed, as in the latter case it frequently passes through the
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Hep ox t Coxixxixis sioner of Aoxiciclture fox 1880.
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No. 17 above), four capillary vacuum tubes were filled with virus, as fol-
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been calling attention to the increase of diseases among farm stock, and the consequent
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efforts, somewhat cramped by frequent interruptions, but all con-
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subjective sensations may be described as normal. Those who
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in that country, called our attention to champs maudits (cursed, dreadful, or horrible
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No wonder that he did not overwhelm me with gratitude !
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a week and a cool sponge followed by brisk rubbing every morn-
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the group of continued fevers. But at a certain season
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relieved and the cyanotic attacks rapidly diminished in number.
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to see how such comparatively dormant bodies as spores can have any

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