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Lawrence John P. Prioletti, New Castle William A. Womer, New Castle

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and iron ammonium citrate, U. S. P. Not less than 400 units

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of perityphlitis only 31 were due to foreign bodies in the appendix.

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Only four of the eighty-eight organizations indicated

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anoxia, although there is plenty of oxygen. The cir-

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hunters or by their own carelessness in handling guns.

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permit participation in its obstetric programs by any

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the understanding and management of cancer. On this

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Three Chlorides is an exceedingly valuable alterative and tonic, it

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heat and cold, starvation, and the acute psychoses. The

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Jan. 7, aged 74; Harry B. Wilmer, Philadelphia (Univ.

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ciation down through constituent state medical associations and the component county

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rill Odenatt, 1213 West Lehigh Avenue. Philadelphia.

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turers’ association can very well be asked to act

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epithelial cells of the alveoli ; these last enlarge, become cloudy,

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subjects in an exhibit on intestinal intubation for the

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Columbia Harry S. Buckingham, Berwick William G. Berryhill, Orangeville

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to us to call our shots carefully in the use of , these

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sults. Because of its tremendous implications for the

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Our products are laboratory controlled. Write for catalogue. Chemists to the Medical Profession PA 6-43

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medical laws ; to promote friendly intercourse among

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I can’t answer specifically, but I can at least give you

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this and just above it was attached a fimbriated cystic body, which

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Eighth Councilor District — Crawford County, Carl

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"written" labels on fluid extracts should always be looked upon

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and this problem of shock will gradually, I think, fade

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of 1625 members had been received by the Secretary.

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effects of bisoprolol alcohol on fever

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much enlarged and on the verge of congestive failure.

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Of six patients with prostatic malignancy, three ac-

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Acute tonsilitis is now considered a general disorder from the

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play a desire to better themselves at the expense of

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ical Society, asking us to seat Dr. Herman G. Difen-

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into a new, strange, confusing world. At present nos-

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lobe is re-expanding and apparently will fill the remain-

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pression of organized care of the sick, the university

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If you follow the instructions of the text books you will find that

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Section on Urology — Lloyd B. Greene, 136 S. 16th St., Phila-

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is no exception. Last week I saw a patient who works

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The Act is strictly enforced and is supplemented by similar legis-

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errors in treatment have a positive influence on the final result.

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