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Lastly, each drug, when used as a medicine under the formula
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tion : in other words, imperfect cleansing is of little use, how-
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was graduated, with distinction, in 1873 as Doctor of
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office at No. 1298 Madison Avenue, New York City, since 1894.
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Turpentine Treatment of Cancer," presented before the State Medical
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from the occurrence of hyperpyrexia, but it is a very rare phenomenon, occur-
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scientists" hold, in all sincerity, the conviction that their calling
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the right eye. They are often accompanied by stiffness of the
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Congress in 1890 attracted wide attention. Among his other im-
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foundly etherized. Partial etherization but destroys the ability to bear pain without
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undertaking independent research was also for two years volunteer
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usual, and, in such weather, very imprudent for a man of
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In 1867 he began the study of medicine. He attended
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Philadelphia school put the "eye into the end of Ihe
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and splenic anaemia. These will be discussed later.
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country, on both his paternal and maternal lines, Richard Lyman,
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and the overcoat, easily recognized by their colour.* The
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vomiting of bile was persistent, and the belching of wind almost
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case the trance state was manifest in unusual deeds and acts,
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question in the treatment of children, far surpassing the mere

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