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appears, and considerable progress has been already effected by
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of dust ; where an industrious mother sweeps the room, dusts off the mantel
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tion VIII, a manic-depressive fifty-five years of age, exhibited
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nursing, and absolute inability to change conditions, such as
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of the co-incident stimulae, from muscles, viscera or one's environ-
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only in the interest of its members but for the welfare of the
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crease the freedom of motion in the foot, as such a shoe would do.
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" 62. Q. — And for all headaches you prescribed what ? A. — ' Headache Cure.'
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tants of this island have, in sickness, to send a very great distance for medical aid. Your
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personal representative of Mrs. Evans. Dr. Richardson briefly
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of organic depression is persistent, — one never finds such a patient
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or even the possibility of a maximum of absorption with a mini-
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by-law ; in fact, they couldn't change it, and I would therefore request you to take my
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notice of. They were all tarred with the same stick, and all evidently with one object
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courtesy that the medical men of the Province should be given an opportunity of ex-
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these remedies as given by the repertory, we are justified in
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Dr. Sangster — If it is undesirable to have one discussion, as some members say, it
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By and by he learned to laugh. That came later than some of the
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With such a picture before us is there not the greatest pos-
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what was termed the " Sthara " for the radical cure of hernia or rupture without truss or

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