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peritoneal and extraperitoneal incisions, nephro-ureterectomy,

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Hospital, has been appointed by the Superior Court a member

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health officers guarded even in the least suspicious case. Every

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within his knowledge, if any, which would show that judgment

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The uterine wound was,. closed with interrupted silk

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the other hand, of 128 who continued to lire on imported rice

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iiisted of the clinical report of the four cases which he had

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societies. During this half century nearly all the ma-

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freely movable, descended about 3 cm. (11/5 inches) on deep

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terminate fatally unless some means of relief can be

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priate local and general treatment instituted. In order

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tothrix. The reaction of the glandular secretion of the mouth

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turn, since there is but one direction in which he can

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serum of rabbits previously treated with defibrinated blood

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the following officers were elected: Dr. William R. Thompson,

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to products which when absorbed produce intoxication.

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Diseases and Disorders of the Heart and Arteries in

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time to their limit in the direction of the weak muscle.

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tion with those removed postmortem, it becomes evident that

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21. Clinical Features of Blastomycetic Dermatitis as Ob-

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of the uterus and the Fallopian tubes and ovaries are

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part in the production of that disease, chemistry is not yet in a

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Among the different communications made on other sub-

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lous logic: "Von Hacker and Bardenheuer invented the method

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degree may occur in other complications, such as bronchitis.

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instence, had I not adopted this plan, the true con-

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micularis, Strongylus • longevaginatus, Uncinaria du-

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it was decided to render it possible for him to breathe

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hand the pericardium is usually involved although not

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northern city, but I want to say to you, that I am glad now

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annual meeting of this Association will be held, June 5, at St.

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cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul; the Northwestern; the

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vascular dilators are imperatively needed. Sodium iodid has

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