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want of harmony in all the constituents of a complete diet may exercise

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Heck, H. tiber die Zunahme der Plaut-Vincentschen Angina. Med. Klin.,

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urine, under which he had laboured for sometime past. He

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infants may be carriers of infection without presenting the typical pictureof

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ing, later it becomes small and somewhat running." He also says

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in the most malignant Small-Pox ; in children if the velum

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on the average lasts from four to eight hours, lasted only one or two hours,

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holiday periods to compensate for the hours necessarily spent in dark

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' Lyiiiun found lluit hin own Mood on ii mixed diet rontiiiiKul 4.0 nig. of uric acid.

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monia. The onset was abrupt three days before, with drowsiness, fever,

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observed in 1917 and 1918 not more than § per cent, showed any sign of

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Under the name of dyspraxia cordis intermittens, Bittorf, of the Breslau

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the swellings of the neck have continued to enlarge and other similar

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immunity reaction most closely simulating the natural fatty acids from the

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Hess and Saxl. Role of Liver in Blood Destruction, D. Archiv. f. klin. Med.,

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dermatitis. At the age of 19 she fell, tearing the soft tissues immediately

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experiments in which the blood-pressure was observed. The

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in the departure from the primary quadrupedal mode of locomotion.

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vomiting, the patient remaining in an acute condition for one week,

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Reiche, F. Die Zunahme der Tuberkulose wiihrend des Krieges und die

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The following observations are based upon rather more than

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organs of the same species, for in the case of the guinea-pig, the kidney is

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irregular irregularity in rhythm, (b) enlarged transverse diameter of the

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after swallowing it, the irritability, &c. subsided. To ascer°

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Bassett-Smith, P. W. Anti-typhoid inoculations and record of cases 1919-

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that the N-retention is greatest after the further addition of protein, so

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blood is changed during disease in any other way. But this

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when he produced paralysis in rabbits by injections of cerebrospinal fluid

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reached about the middle of the auricular systole. The first elevation

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The number of the red blood corpuscles did not appear to be altered.

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We are here dealing with a gastric ulcer situated at the lesser curvature

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and trimine (a combination of colloidal manganese, iron, and zinc) and

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in size. Just before the holidays of 1910 the patient went to California,

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