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minims for twenty minutes. If weak solutions were em-


pus. After pus is found, the sooner efficient drainage is

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quite common in scirrhus of the breast, and the author has

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next menstrual period, there will occur in the course ot a day

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PiRiE, William Rattray, MB., CM., M.A., late Resident Physician and

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an average increase of 1 per cent, hremoglobin; Oraeber,"'

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plan, omitting the iron. In the first case, after eleven days'

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Oxford. In France also will be held the Congress of the

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ing, and so were the post-morteyn appearances in the unfor-

modest mouse dramamine album name

and it takes weeks, or even months, before they are quite

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80; abdomen moderately full, soft and free from tenderness. In the

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reputation beyond his own country depending mainly on a

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hesitate to say that in general the state of a district to isolate

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the person experimented upon showed that the intake of oxygen had

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cleation ; Kecovery ; with Notes on Cystic " Fibroids."

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Allowing the sum of £8 10s. in respect of each attack among

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or creches by local authorities. There may be difliculties con-

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against crime. Five per cent, of the deaths were not certi-

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formed ; but technically we presume that a member has not merely a

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appointed as official certifier for each parish, whose duty it

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rights" in refusing to attend rich people on such terms.

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Medical Omcer of Health for the Strand District ; I "onorary

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atter the distension of the intestines had shut off most of the

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recrudescence of leprosy during the last thirty years has not

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underLyme; R. L. S, Donaldson, M B., Monaghan ; C. L. Drew, MB.,

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patient was sent into St. Thomas's Hospital March 27th,

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