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more remarkable than the role of medical contributors to
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Syn. — Colloid milium ; Colloid, degeneration of the skin.
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sexual nature (for example, moral insanity, uranism, masochism, saidism,
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it is still more difficult to attach a precise meaning. Others, again,
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fore results ; of this lupus erythematosus, morphoea, and the tertiary
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conditions is found to exist, the donor must never be used. If,
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fluous movements, produced by cerebral reinforcement, in place of well-
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de se preter a la conservation de l'espece. Des ce niGrnent la secretion de
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(3) Diaphragm, just beneath condenser, by which the in-
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Folliculitis decalvans.— This is a chronic folliculitis of the hairy
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erythematodes, in which the symmetrically arranged atrophic spots,
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to state definitely that such a profound change as vacuolation of the
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(d) Comparison should be made with the time required
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sudden restlessness, epileptic fits. There are moral disorders
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When, by immediate self-indulgence, a man forfeits a future benefit,
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ness hardly to be distinguished from general paralysis. An intracranial
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may be grouped for convenience under this heading. Hypochondriasis
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facial spasm, nevertheless regard peripheral irritation as a more common
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