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the medical education already given is as regards the
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For about ten years he practised medicine at Boston and at
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Ten cases had the anchylostoma by itself and in the
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surgery should be resorted to at the earliest possible moment.
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Dr. James Donelan, of the Italian Hospital, London, England,
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although owing to the intestinal movements this is not likely.
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very little ether, and the wound healed by primary union. Three
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distinct disease, and that it is a powerful contriliutor to the
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hue; there was much debility, and in several instances the fetal membranes projected
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an examination, what do we find ? and how should this examina-
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in four others there was one with three anchylostoma and
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vented the development of the morbid process. While all three anti-
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In twelve of the cattle the distinctive appearances of pleuro-pneumonia were ob-
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belong the bacillus of anthrax, of gastro enteritis of fowls, of
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in mind the fact that it is often through clinical observation
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the head. His demonstrations regarding the axis cord, from
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received no treatment after the first month ; one had sus-
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for this treatment, is that the pulmonary symptoms and fever
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thin and wateiy, and the adipose tissue almost entirely wasted away,
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watched in 50 cases, in 34 of which the medicine was
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within the blood-vessels and immediately sealing, and which conse-
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conditions ; conditions causing diarrhoea ; factors of a patho-
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tions under which I take my place here, I have selected
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services to hospitals and dispensaries ; it is beginning to be
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Shields, and Southampton 535 cargoes of animals, consisting of 76,117 cattle, 119.350
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wells in Balrampur which were examined at a time when
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Disbursements by Dr. C. E. Denison, for stamps, enve-
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aqueous spray in acute catarrhal laryngitis in both adults and
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special way by a Berlin chemist. The mixture consists of thymol
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rooted in the hearts of the people and is almost a part
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