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Pillsbury, Burke, Middletown, Woodhull, E, D., Monroe,
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the exception of No. 9, which is yet ailing, are apparently well.
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and I think I have also made them out in my cultivations, but not with
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the ''final verdict " may be safely rendered. The number of
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received much very definite attention. The most that is found in
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and could not be referred necessarily to any particular section of
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afternoon a very fetid diarrhea sets in (diarrhea, but not so fetid, has ex-
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prevailing among young horses and cattle, and in some cases has proved
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given by me to Dr. W. F. Whitney, of Boston, Mass., curator of the
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is driven into the sheath, and supports the statement of
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the alcohol produced by it is removed. But fermentation
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nal section twice in an effort to secure the offending sutures,
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vices ; he recollects, too, and with poignancy, that he was not
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murrain. Sometimes we lose half our crop of chickens by cholera.
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liquid of decomposing Indian corn. The bacteria was destroyed by
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on solid food media with ease. These vibrios fonned
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Medicine, March 2, 1881. He came to Seneca Falls in September
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of these patches, especially at night, made life itself almost insup-
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even to urinate, until the profound effects have passed oft',
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oftener when given in large doses than the meat somatose. He,
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well-dressed ladies, and the debonair and patronizing air of
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all doubt before any action could he taken. Meanwhile the diseased lungs were sub-
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or he would not have considered the organism at first as a micrococcus;
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bronchi, increase in the interlobular connective tissue, with, in some instances, the
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accounted of minor importance by the city authorities, and is
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germ, but they fail to show why this particular element is not in itself
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and polypi — frequently cause acute obstruction, but may
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A few drops of this mixture is poured into a suitable glass ves-
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right iliac region, probably appendeceal. Tender to the touch;
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and Treatment of the Insane in the Public and Private Asylums of Great Britain ,
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and finally to use douches. It was very essential to educate the
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or command of the vessel in which; and the owner and the occupier of the place
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cerebinim, and several small portions beside this piece, These portions of glass
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the fevers, sunstroke, traumatic injury to head (shock),

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