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the value of the cow greatly diminished thereby. By the third the

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The treatment resolves itself into the use of enemas and

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expended by the various contributors for this occasion will

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of this monsoon than those further removed from the

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although very lean, hardly anything but skin and bones, is Lively and

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should be made in every case of non-traumatic paresis of eye

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other experimental purposes. I succeeded in getting material at Mr.

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sonal experience including over 110 operations the mortal-

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passed by the legislature that would systematize the giving

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exhaustion. After death a large cystoid cavity was found to the left side of

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the disease, as will be seen from his report contained in this volume.

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Eor those who, in Europe or in any other places, will

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of the skin and plain eruption of papulse. He thinks that a sufficiently

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the results of his considerable experience with this acid. He has

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is added to the already contracted peripheral vessels, and we

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for this distance. The proximal end is then lifted up and

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fever lasting four or five hours, and ending in a rather copious

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Va., writes as follows under date of February 26, 1881 :'

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gives the alleged reaction for albumin in a very large percentage

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and whenever you get a gouty patient in the upper ranks of life,

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Mr. Schofield read the notes of three cases — two of them

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feeling ! Thou goest forth in thy march of destruction neither

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morning, and some days later. Five-twelfths of a grain of mor-

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maximum should be two teaspoonfuls per diem and under that age

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He reports on 275 cases of its administration. The dose for adults

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irregularity or trespass or other act or thing done or omitted by him under this act,

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while improving the moral, and raising the social, status of

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Dr. Thomas J. Hillis read a paper entitled, "The Midwifery

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cal fraternity either inside or outside the city. The general

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