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worms from the surface of the graves, and that, in all cases, germs of charbon were

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Personal history : Eesidence in lower part of city, rather low land,

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plain connection has not yet been shown to exist between the bacteria

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leeth are implicated. In the supra and infra orbital nerves, the

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of death beneath the gaudy tinsel. To his mind that movement

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animals and plants are single indivisible cells. Man's body

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or made for, any appointment, certificate, declaration, or license under this act, or any

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The writer will always believe, from his personal observa-

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results of his experiments with this agent in over 100 cases of dis-

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tients under the age of five years. But perhaps the most striking

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ulated witli lung-exudation on May 21, and subjected to the carbolic-

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normal mental calibre or peculiarities, the nutrition, the

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man who continued to pass 2500 cc. of urine each day, contain-

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self with means to handicap and impoverish the physician,

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the appearance of an outbreak, measures were taken to

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animals possess more predisposition than others, or that an animal

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kind great confidence in alcohol as a most valuable agent in

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my supervision by Dr. T. A. Smith, Dr. W. S. Terriberry,

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observation for her eyes six years. The best attainable vision for

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rise to such diverse symptoms as presbyopia ; dilatation of the

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we may now ascribe to the great disturbance of the loop with

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Habermann of Wismar, Germany, recommends an agreeable and

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duce, not only races, but generations refractory to charbon. We know from the experi-

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reasons : the birds were from a lot known to be susceptible to the dis-

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has been very fatal ; in many cases whole fiocks have died, not one es-

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part which chiefly suffers from it is exclusively com-

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nent article in the current medical literature throughout the year

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purpura, having an enlarged spleen. The large doses of

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ings, whether we call it coccyalgia, coccygodynia, coccy-

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rays." (London Lancet, Vol. II for 1897, page 1314.)

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objected to this result as a proof of comma bacilli being the

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