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by a gradually increasing constipation, and by removal of

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The various forms of yeast fungi, the leptothrix buccalis,

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tests for diphtheria antitoxin. [Med. Neius, Vol. LXXI, page 556. )

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process is continuous from incubation to confirmed stricture,

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is employed by the department, does not infringe upon Behring's

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Sunderland. — Sunderland has one foreign- animals' wharf: (a) North Half Tide Ba-

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tinued his investigations with this agent, for, in addition to his

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would arrive in this country. Accordingly, as soon as a trade in swine between that

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poisonous effects, therefore it is so arranged that this class all have

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othor means left is an exploratory laparotomy. This is to

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under a nomenclature referring to their geographical

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give good common-sense advice than to prescribe medicaments. He

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ing of pigs, and especially in large numbers, in a confined space under

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often counteracted the pain for hours and even days. He has ob-

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pneumonia extensively prevalent. There is possibility of contagion affecting Western

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more bispherical micrococci or schizophytae, which, in separating from

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ing it on an infant's tongue, where it immediately forms a highly-

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it has seemed best to devote a few paragraphs to the subject in this

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then the village or possible place of infection should be

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tion of these organisms in nature, and of learning to just what extent

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early as half an hour afterward, some relief may be expected, and

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accidents which have been placed to the discredit of picric acid

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appreciation of the magnificence and splendour of the mission on

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able fever with a temperature varying from 104° to 106° F., but from

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hitherto attached to it, it sets to work at once to return to its

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other. The respirations and the face should be carefully watched.

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if they think fit, apply any part of such balance in compensation for cattle slaugh-

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that he had opened a portion of the intestine had been quite filled by a blood clot.

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Infectious Diseases of the Hindu Kush. By Surgn.-Capt. H. B. Luard, m.b., b.s., I. M. S. ... 326 — 331

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but these examples Trill suffice to sliow how the method proposed is

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they multiplied in the rabbit. Corresponding with Pasteur, he was

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especially chloroform, in cases of heart disease; but the only

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April 11. — First plain symptoms of swine plague.

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Tuberculosis of the middle ear may be primary or second-

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methods of administering charities and that we are as desi-

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chloroform whilst the teeth were extracted. After the extraction

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