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chances, before opening the abdomen, we would base our
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bling closely the alcoholic storm, and having exactly the
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department of pensions were more than thorough and above all
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Couple with the catarrhal conditions above described the
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ostensibly for the benefit of the outdoor sick poor, but a pecu-
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is an internal difference in the pathogenic bacteria, and that the par-
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opportunities they have done little for pathology. The
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Tube No. 32: 1 to 500. Same appearance as No. 31. Contains clusters of micrococci
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" 1 . All cracks or openings in the plaster or in the floor or about
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$ Jour. Boy. Mic. Soc, 1880, p. 135, from Jour. Prakt. Chem., xx, p. 34.
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noted exception being the chair of medical ethics. This
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Garland. — What is known here as hog cholera is the prevailing and
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tion in the absence of cerebral symptoms ; in all cases of
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Surgn.-Lt.-Col. W. H. Gregg, m.b., M.ch., m.r.c.p.,
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* See report of Dr. D. E. Salmon, page 98, Special Report No. 22, Department of
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sanitary measures. Village Sanitation Acts specially
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spirits ammon. aromat, 1-2 teaspoonful p. r. n. reduced digitalis
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chiefly for the reason that one of the standard works of the world
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been afflicted with the epizooty during the past seasou. In some local-
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for instance, if a preventive for scarlet fever is not to be found in the aphthous hoof-
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The reason that the use of ether was given up for that of
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as to the state of the sub-soil water at any period may
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Senior Scholarship in Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry.
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by miasmatic infection from decomposing organic matter contained in
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large naevus (?) at the back. Spleen large and tough. Stomach
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resist the influence of the infectious principle and possess immunity.
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animals must be taken for comparison, which are treated
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14. When a narrow stricture, in the perineal region, is
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seems in a fair way to recover. A second was treated with the blood of
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it is possible to proceed to a thorough course of creasote-therapy.

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