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tensive investigation of the urine in epileptics, believe that

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equal volume of a 2 per cent, solution of benzoic acid, containing suffi-

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stead of measuring 2 J inches in length, it will probably be found

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across and tie the distal end. A clamp should then be put

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sible, while micturition and sexual intercourse are often

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rope as far "back as the seventeenth century. It was then noticed as

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isms, for all know how soon an animal body, a piece of meat, or even

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be reduced to that condition which we have seen is most favorable to

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affected with pleuro-pneumonia, such local authority may cause all cattle affected with

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merly have been incompatible when alcohol was used as the ex-

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the pathogenic bacteria are correct; for here we have two cases in

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ment and did not tell him I was giving it to him. The next day

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Med. and Surg. Journ., Vol. CXXXIX, page 194) as a result of his

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deposit and a little brtwnish matter floating on surface ; under the microscope this

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" (1) That methylene blue is a germicide of great value in cases

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extensive, a cicatrix may be formed the same as in other tissues, in the

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weak as to fall down when slightly pushed while standing. No. 12 is

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closed. He made a good recovery ; by the 14th February the wound was quite

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animals shipped from the two ports come in every case from the West, not passing

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Most of you know that the State Board of Charities has

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the point of a narrow-bladed knife, pointing toward the root of the ear,

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his comparative investigations on the relative value of cocaine and

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If the lawyers were divided into cliques and small socie-

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tained that senile cataract is an affection dependent upon

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at a port, or is, while so affected, in or at any landing-place or lair, or other place ad-

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contrast to his suave and patronizing air of the old classroom

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protective against the dangers of a renewed exposure and also against

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of the corporation autocrat was short-lived ; it wore itself

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by pressure ; but the Avhite surface remains sprinkled with red spots, and the whole

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the room. When this is the case, all that should be done is

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fact, up to the evil times of 1857, and to some extent

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