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two more, and the average duration of the case is six
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delivered his inaugural address, the theme of which was "The
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enable them to eject the morbid secretion of the mucous mem-
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Dudley, A. Palmer, 678 Madison Ave., New York, New York Co.
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dition in a typical case : one, for instance, where a loop of
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and tissues, bacteria not injurious in, in health 58
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fifteenth, a number of peculiarities are observed. The red globules
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called black leg. We have found no remedy for this disease. Xo other
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that its mention in connection with this report seems to be quite in place.
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October 16, examined patient. She spent the summer at the
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September, 1879, I determined this fact for the first time on a lamb born on the 9th
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standard weights, but it will be noted that the metric weights and
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Among additional important papers contained in this volume, to which
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management which so surely contributes to the multiplication and po-
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Sulphuric acid is very cheap, costing at retail not more than twenty-five cents a
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to teach it. The study is one-sided and incomplete if the
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of contagious or infectious diseases prevailing among live animals in their vicinity.
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is made up of ileum and csecum passing into the colon, and
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cholera re-appears, not in one village and spreading
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protection, it remained to be seen whether the protection was
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that in sudden fatal cases, those of so-called nervous phthisis,
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the sphere of his operations, pulled down his barns to build
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portation of virus; and there is now good reason to believe that the
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2. A large number of cases of fistulas in the cheek, the result
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having no protective effect on the system against the attacks of certain
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fistula in order that the picture in the fluoroscope might be evi-
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hospital for the purpose of the administration of the serum.
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polarization on the surface of the platinum and that thus the sur-
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drinks a little, but takes no food, and cannot rise without assistance.
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hesions of a coil in the form of a loop ; matting of adjacent
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not absolutely interdict all exercise of it. The condition is
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tional medical congress at Rome. In every country my experience
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observers trace the ani3emia in these last cases not to the purulent
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April 9, 1898. R. Y. = fj refraction corrected, Y. = « -f.
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in the Technique of Injections in the Treatment of Acute Gonorrhoea
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'Rhus Toxicodendron,' by Dr. Louis F. Frank, of Milwaukee,

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