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tion to our recent revelations of the doctrines and
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leucocytes in their most vital form — the mononu-
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North Carolina- — Caldwell County. . Sept. 1-30 i
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acidity from 0.076 to 0.192 mg. ; free hydrochloric
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Board of medical officers convened to meet at the call
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sistant physician, Raybrook Tuberculosis Sanatorium, $1,000
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portation through tlie mail as second-class matter.
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that the experience of all the members was like his
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on your services that have escaped your diagnostic skill, because of the
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ing carried as high up on the mucous membrane of the
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were present in 0.5 c.c. of water but not in o.l c.c.
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Hawk, Philip B. — Practical Physiological Chemistry. A
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Lane. — In Norfolk, Virginia, on Wednesday, October •
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year there would be the morbidity statistics for one
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Wednesdw, Noreniber 23d. — New York .Academy of Med-
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as a regulator of cardiac action, while the cold car-
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impressed him in studying this subject was the need
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general condition became suddenly worse, rise of tempera-
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loose reticulum of poorly striated muscle fibres in a
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to proceed to Chicago, 111., and Milwaukee. Wis., upon
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per cent, of the mortality was among infants in the
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missed him as cured, he was free of any alcoholic indulg-
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of the former chancre. 2. Interstitial keratitis in
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hrst directory was issued in 1904, and the second in 1908.
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transdermal oxybutynin compared to oral
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majority of cases, amenable, to treatment, and though its mental
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nitrate in the strength of i in 2,000, having his pa-
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The Origin of the Double Red Cross. — Although the
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2. LeGrand. L' Anesthesia locale. These de Paris, 1899.
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posed to these neuroses. 4. That the value of living
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benzol (606) Ehrlich-Hata. Wiener klinische IVochen-
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gested to primitive inquirers by observation of the
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tative of the Society of the Alumni of the Medical De-
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nally and externally in abundance, rest and comfort,
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Davis will he appointed professor of orthoptedic surgery
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was controllable, at least when under proper super-
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ilis. Miinchcner medizinischc Wochenschrift, 1910, ii, p.
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distinguished representatives of the medical profession
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instrument in place, by traction upon the handle, the
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these were absolutely protected against diphtheria.
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accepting from the bacteriologist the fact that epi-
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trance opens into a large reception hall or waiting
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threads of any garment touched therewith cannot be burnt,

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