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were not obtainable for examination, it will be possible only to show by

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has opportunities of watching the imperceptible grada-

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as a preventive agent, aside from its known physical quali-

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neapig in ten hours, and therefore was also virulent. I

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or made for, any appointment, certificate, declaration, or license under this act, or any

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the administration of astringents and opiates ? If I'am

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through the disease and fully recovered we took for granted on the tes-

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choleia, for the pui-pose, he assured them, of f ui thering progress

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notice. We may accept it therefore as a working theory subject to

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'' Hence, I believe that the effects produced upon the majority

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Schreiber of Gottingen, Prussia, and will be found in the Deut.

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for silver nitrate in the treatment of gonorrhoea concludes, in com-

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an effective application to diminish the amount of sweating, and

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Rushmore, J. D., 129 Montague St., Brooklyn, Kings Co. Founder.

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like it requires the admission of oxygen to enable it to form spores.

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does not stir when urged to get up ; it breathes with great difficulty and

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complexion and a dark rim round the eyes. Thoracic viscera

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smarting, relieves the pain more quickly and completely than any-

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claims that the *'eucaine B" does not irritate the mucous mem-

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The injury the free service has wrought for the private patient^

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explanation of this phenomenon. As long as the bacteridium in the filiform condition

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The lotion must be injected by means of a proper vaginal

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Dr. George L. Richards of Fall River, Mass., has made use of it

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"Finally, the committee feels justified in certifying these facts

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board partitions, none too tight, and not more than 3 feet 10 inches high.

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stertor, is of great importance, because it only occurs when there

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still larger experience has left my views unchanged. Since

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clinical features on which we must depend to justify

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what those entertained by Billroth ; while he holds it still necessary to

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Readers. By J. Milxer Fotheegill, M.D., M.R.C.P., Assistant Physician to

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make which was this, that while there could, he thongiit, be no

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the columnar epithelium at the foci of greatest congestion.

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