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Some of tlie cysts were collapsed, but the majority were tense.

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tember 5, 1875, to Radcliffe Ward, under the care of Dr. Black.

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strength of character; he was quick to perceive and quick to act.

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the subject of inoculation against rabies which has

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clusive as Dr. Bull's, who observed (1. c.) it in 37 out of

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system that it shall become intolerant of the existence and growth of

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two days on Indian corn meal and wheat bran. It was then killed by

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salol, injection of morphia and atropia (combined), and

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in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, scabies, and

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other side for the next week. He has records of six cases showing

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feeling of tightness or constriction across the cardiac region.

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whose symptoms correspond very logicall}' with its patho-

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His experience in fifteen cases of typhoid fever was very gratify-

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elasticity of the arteries by the latter's dilatation. We can

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of administering such preparations in pulmonary tuberculosis.

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aponeurotic layers are so situated and divided that in the

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said of ansestlietics, so it can be said of aseptic surgical dres-

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Patient investigation has added each year to our knowledge

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my cattle were first attacked, a man who was pasturing with me removed his animals

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millimeters, and two of the micrococci would equal one cubic micro-

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surface flow, and into the atmosphere by air displace-

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theria, the strongest proof is given that the former is pro-

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we found that out of a total of 16,845 cases, to whom

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appearance is nearly or quite normal. The gall bladder is generally

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development of, in injuries and non-contagious diseases 58

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sion was made, about three inches in length, through the right

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swine-plague virus by being first brought under the influence of the chem-

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so that in many of the cases in which vomiting was an early

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He never despised the crowd, but rather enjoyed the pranks which

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extended upward if this should become necessary. It is

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guinea pig. It became ill on July 2 and 3, and died during the night of the 3d to the

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is the distinguishing character, namely, the mularii l

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we then believed, and what we now believe, to be proper

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One of the latest affections in which successful serum treatment

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