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A number of years ago, S., a night watchman on the N. Y. C. &

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1740, Hunter in 1775 and '78 ; in France, Lavoisier in 1780,

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two would die and seven recover; while thirty-one would not be visibly

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Bates, Nelson W., Central Square, Oswego Co. (Retired list.)

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females, the youngest 34, the oldest 78. In six cases cancer of the liver was

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tle have died for want of proper care and attention. ■ The value of the

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New York. The value of live-stock on the farms in the

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publication of the transactions was a permanent record

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known this to happen in several instances, and all sorts of

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sote has not been of any greater value than the pure creo-

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Aug. 7, 1891. R. Y. = 5^0 refraction corrected, Y. = f^,; L. Y. =

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and-mouth disease, and if the purified virus of pleuro-pneumonia of the bovine can

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same strength as those used for disinfectant purposes act satisfac-

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Nevertheless, in nearly every ordinary preparation of blood I have made,

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exactly the same index of refraction as the liquid in which it lives, and,

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The method of dry sterilization, consisting in gradually rais-

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over rest of body ; a swelling the size of a small apple over right

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Mr. C. W. Graham of Carlisle, England, records a case of the

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Physical examination reveals uterus in common position, relation

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cases of insanity. I prescribed strychnia and rest and awaited

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small amount I. am afraid of it in bad cardiac weakness.

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The following is the full text of Professor Williams' article on this subject:

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for 1S79), and now it is fully confirmed by the results of inoculations

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a doubt, 1, by the frequency of their occurrence in such experimental

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the use of the stethoscope, could not help believing that too

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this time, I had little hope of his recovery, as he was suffering

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had opportunities of observation, quotidian ague tt.kes

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able, his publication was hy several years the first that bore

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Morse of Boston, Mass., read an account of a case at a meeting of

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say so with no uncertain sound, and that they should

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large number of reports. It may be worth quoting here com-

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tendency to desire morphine or alcohol after recovery. He was,

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