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tensive investigation of the urine in epileptics, believe that
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them of the large abscess found to exist in their immediate neighbor-
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which, by developing in the animal organism, produce immunity from the action of
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or by their own notion, and the last thing they do gets the
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not here be considered, as they present no features differing
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organ was cut into (the cut is shown in colored photograph of Plate I),
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Wendell, and Dirk Janse de Groot. Phillippe's son Isaac moved
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peared upon injection. The child became quiet and slept
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side of heart natural. The left shows large hremorrhages under
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his results under the head of **The Employment of Sanatogen in
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that the great danger in sulphonal poisoning seems to lie in the
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features of the disease which could not be explained, for
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and was most anxious from the first to saturate his system with
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the bacteria with the same readiness a second time if at all. The sys-
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it was easily subdued by proper treatment. Several flocks of fowls have
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acid is the preventive which I can most recommend ; it proved to be
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extent with those countries who have not yet fallen into line.
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diuretin is not well borne, producing nausea, vomiting, and occa-
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which they have invaded, there are cases in which the
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cal action of a particular form may be changed by causing it to undergo
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ter was intact, but when ulcerated and the nerve ends were free,
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fifteen minutes. Temperature, 108°. Pulse, 132. (A slight rigor
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ward course are the sharp-pointed, the irregular, and the
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glottis is, during the comatose stage, greatly diminished or entirely absent. In such
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Cranial Surgery with special reference to fracture of the Skull and the use of the Trephine. By
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not been very heavy. There is complaint at present of the prevalence
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lapsed lungs, or putrefaction of the fluid incarcerated in the bronchi and air cells ;
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gone proliferation ; its cells were increased in number, many of
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dently attracted and absorbed by wounds and scratches, even if the

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