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The pulse has been irregular all day, and wavers more

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First. That the vessel in which they arc imported has not, within three months be-

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vinced that this organ is involved in a greater number of

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formation, and it may be years before the urethral calibre is

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manifestly are old bites — is it, I ask, possible for any

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out whether the inoculations generally could be applied

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slightly so in the remaining one. There was no di'opsy

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Leavenworth. — I place our losses of swine for the year, by disease

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ature of the solution should be about 100°. It is better that

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disease demonstrably due to even the larger spores of fungi, like the

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with old railway rails, and iron footplates over the

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pain, fever, and other symptoms in a patient who had never com-

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Of these five, case 1 had slight ansemia, was well nour-

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such knowledge of the action of such drugs as quinine and

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men have the use of them and can do a good day's work.

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the human machine. In fact, they did not recognise that it

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resulting in an abscess which opened after the formation of adhe-

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assumed that it might be found useful, but I had great trouble in

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case, the condition of the arteries throughout the leg were

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completely sterilized with a solution of this agent in the propor-

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The functional result, aside from the greater strength of

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cess somewhat mixed, but when simple its nature is so appar-

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cum," which he states is prevalent among the inhabitants of Rus-

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nose. This same thing happens in acute cases, and I believe

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cing the least results. We must conclude, therefore, that there is a

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That extra cost should be raised without difficulty if

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the heart would be too great, or whenever a sudden rise in

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country. Wo have occasioually a few scattered cases of pneumonia occurring in ill-

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1867; orator, 1869; librarian, 1878; president, 1872-73; delegate

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