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prevails to a greater or less extent every year. We have no reliable
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that the extraordinary development of the cattle-trade with this country has afforded
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the past season. A disease among hogs reached here this year for the
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engorgemet, stasis, and extravasation, as shown on microscopic examination. In the
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sloughing off of the tumor. Certainly, with the present
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der the skin, or if a second and third inoculation were practiced before
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onset with sharp abdominal pain, complete obstruction after
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Remarks on Linear Extraction of the Lens. By Surgn. -Major C. J. Bamber, I. M. S. ... 172 — 173
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tain whether it is best to inject intraglandularly or periglandularly.
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hours, and in other cases to have been delayed as long as ten or twelve
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Enders, Thomas Burnham, Highland St., Hartford, Conn.
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ach six by three and three fourths inches, and a small one in
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water separates in irregular crystals with a greenish fluorescence.
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solutions of the extracted palliative thyroid principles is capable
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conceal the truth which we endeavor to ascertain. I have also been
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up to the upper third of the femoral artery. These cases of senile
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breathing, or exercise deranges the fuel, the draft, and the
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societies and associations are requested to bring this subject in
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to one another. May I ask, however, that you will work with the
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l>een r raised to at least 120° F. See Microscopic
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whether old age also may not be due to an intoxication.
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County, N. Y. He was brought up at the Vanderveer Homestead*
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pressure of a cholera epidemic, and it is therefore in
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bubbles were evolved exactly as occurs by exposure to sunlight.
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cause so simple and easy to deal with as the comma bacillus.
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purposes of this lung inspection the product of the whole day's killing
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As the pars tympanica become involved, proliferation
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The treatment as well as the diagnosis of faecal impactions,
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this vicious habit attest to its pernicious effects.

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