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Kepoet of the Committee of Aeeangements foe the Annual
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school, a class, by the by, becoming nearly extinct. Genial in his
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see the lack of cordiality and sympathy among physicians. It
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cystitis, 3 affecting the vulva, 3 of inflammation affecting Barth-
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I am accustomed to tell my classes that strophanthus acts
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Dr. Rudolf Neumann of Wurzburg, Bavaria, has published his
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Other circumstances are doubtless contributive to lack of
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Tyler. — The horses of this county have been affected with epizootic
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visible (see Fig. 7). If some of them have been so loosely-
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In delicate operations about the eye, Mr. Mills said he prefers
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Virus sent me by Dr. Detmers in a liquid form still contained nianyi
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The ulcer heals, and the pus is absorbed in a proportion of cases
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The results of my experiments show further that an attack of swine
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There is an ancient book, in two parts, with many subdivisions,
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prepared by the addition of simple hot water. The temper-
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following four months no recurrence of fits took place.
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giving specific names to such of these organisms as I had reason to be-
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of about two days of bacteridian infection, and the blood was found
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are generally very distressing. The duration of the
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disease is to kill all the affected animals. Occasionally a horse dies of
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out in quite a normal condition. Vomiting is found to be much
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flesh. Some of these cases are distinctly aggravated
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and one dose of thymol can prevent the chronic pernicious
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appears that Prof. D. McEachran, Veterinary Inspector of Canada, had been sent
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formed connected tissue, &, the diseased nodule showing the discolored
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tfo.ll* Head of Trichocephalus crenatirs, 1 in. objective, x
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satisfactory method of determining their nature. My own investiga-
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breaks of cholera have been traced. So frequently has
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occurrence of hernia manifestly exists, and it seems proba-
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from the following estimates: Horses, $3,000; cattle, $1,500; hogs,
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ness, and uses astringent lotions injected into the vagina ; but
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= -2*0 refraction corrected, Y. = 1*;. Ordered reading lenses.

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