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alcoholic extract prepared by treating blood and fluid, pressed from

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or less extensive area of lung structure, or even occlusion of non-inflamed bronchi and

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bore histories of habitual loss of the ovum during previous preg-

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March 12, four slides were prepared, using urine as a cultivating me-

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proof that their milk was healthful. An attempt was now being

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but to decide at what time it shall be done. The physician

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worse ; his appetite was very bad, and he vomited his food. He passed 2^ pints of

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section was performed. General fibrinous peritonitis with a

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of one of the cows that had this disease in the last stage, which leaves no doubt of its

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date, and toith virus dried on a quill. — Subsequent inoculations with a

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stock for the people, was, that he needed ready cash ; that a

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paratively optimistic mental state of the operator, or the

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should always be given. The diet of the patient need not be

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was a machine at all. To their minds the body was simply

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Examination thirty -nine hours after death. — Body univer-

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the river bank between the clay and sand, and opposite one of the fenced

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are accounted for, no instances of contagious or infectious dis-

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pregnant the last time in 1897. After the beginning of her preg-

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behalf of Dr. Steell, showed a series of charts illustrating the diur-

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diseases by natural agencies is of great interest, since from such facts

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fortified against a second attack as if it had contracted the disease in

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quently I was fortunate enough to see Professor Brown, veterinarian-

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carbolic acid, it seems, had the effect of checking the impetus which the

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In detecting tuberculosis in cattle, the boards of health in

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among the cattle in the United States. Mr. Evarts replied as follows :

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serving not two but three or four masters, but they

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importance, also, to remember that hernia may exist as the

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somewhat larger, is also deficient in exactness of detail. In

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On the right border of the tongue, at the base and near the middle, are two ulcers,

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For about ten years he practised medicine at Boston and at

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10 P.M. — Temperature, 104-2°. Pulse, 144. Severe frontal

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