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organisms were introduced. Billroth** found in fluids of an intense

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Moore, Richard Mott, 74 S. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, Monroe Co. Original.

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Swieten taught its importance. DeHoen of Vienna was the

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He claims its superior value in the treatment of affections of the

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animals that died of the disease, but could find nothing wrong except

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b. The blood taken from the jugularis, and examined the same day,

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No. 10. Ulcerous tumor of colon, iin. objective, x 2

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patient was put into a bath for eighteen minutes, tlie water

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child's head at birth. Great pain and considerable distension of

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to the owner thereof such sum, not exceeding one-half of the value of the animal

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world. The blame, therefore, rests upon those who come to these

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twenty-six were adult males, sixteen adult females, two

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5* Bodies of undetermined nature. — These were first noticed in the

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gut, and animal tendon. If silk were more readily absorbed,

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accounted for by the far greater frequency with which it

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being cooled down fi'om 98° to y^''. After the bath the patient

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animals undoubtedly came from the West, and over lines of rail which

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from which the animal recovered so that it ought to have been as well

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will confer such lasting benefit on the state and on the dairy

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transparent urine, which, like the urine of the two cows of Mr. Mona-

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The results were complete in from one to two hours. In head-

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mals. They were bought in the Chicago market and came to Boston,

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Trautman, Alex., 12 W. 22d St., New York, New York Co.

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*' nickel-salipyrin." This is a pale green powder which, when dis-

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the last person in the state is sufficiently enlightened in this

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immoderately. At one time he had been engaged in making a

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per mille per annum, in 1893 — figures which represent

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stables of Henry H. Shufeldt & Co., 23 Larrabee street ; 900 bulls and

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It is very important that the stomach should be empty at the

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entire state, would be misleading if taken without explana-

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Pig Xo. 7. — Inoculated with virus treated with four parts of a solution of chloride of zinc

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or water coming from a place (lot, pen, or pasture) occupied or fre-

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having been decided by the admiralty that the Royal William Victualling Yard

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the cultivation liquids, or if either constitute the virus of these diseases.

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