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the indurated part was cut into after the operation, it bore a very
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N. Y. , on the 5th day of March, 1848, and died in Xew Y'ork city,
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The history of these animals, as I have been able to learn, is as fol-
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tection against the effect of a second exposure to infection. While the
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ever be detected, though the animal was preserved for two months.
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case whether it continued to exist in the well water,
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" Wliere is there a family in which it might not be asked, ' if
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-^ refraction corrected, Y. = f^. Eeads Jaeger No. 1 with proper
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ed our horses. We have also sustained serious losses among sheep from
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haps needed for a paper on it. The author of the * Lily of
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pository. He has found such much more effective than the cus-
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A called meeting of the Executive Committee was held at 315
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we may mention, toxic intiuences, peritonitis, embolism of a
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that they were already infected. They should be placed in a building
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plasm or of granules so small as to have escaped the attention of all ob-
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case, the condition of the arteries throughout the leg were
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because the outlet is sometimes more open, thus allowing of
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The following Committee on the Treasurer's Accounts was
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during the immunization period. The immunization was immedi-
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It occurred to me that there might be septic organisms having the
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of special state sanatoria for cases of pulmonary tuberculosis.
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unknown disease to us. Some hogs have also been lost, supposed to
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Surgeons have in these latter days been inclined to select
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had taken similar action regarding this bill in 1896, and many of
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escaped, a few small particles of fsecal matter came away
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the extraordinary advance that had been made in this department
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plastic operations and never knew a knot to slip. Catgut
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Case XIII. — Ninety-two shot and one hundred and twenty
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culosis, it was, of course, wise to boil all milk before it is used by
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by periodical dilating catheterism long after cicatrization of
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us who practise medicine in India, and one to which
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We cannot properly define old age until we have formed

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