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or Koch bacillus, has been the subject of earnest work by

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swelling be present. Ifc should be elastic to the touch, but if

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I have made inquiries of several persons in and about Washington as to the prevalence

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bles, with digitalin if the pulse is fast; if the pulse is slow I

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similarly devitalized by heat, but this fails to secure the same immunity,

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having been delayed somewhat by late trains on the Erie Railroad.

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Congress at Rome, and which is pubiislied and reviewed in

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varies greatly in different countries, owing, no doubt, to the

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water or food containing i^. coZ/, variations in surrounding cir-

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surgical procedure. A positive diagnosis of volvulus without

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tion of a loop exactly as in the case with a whip-cord with a

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Chirat, Nowshera, Naini Tal, Almora, Ranikhet, Dwora-

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extremity to these free cords or diverticula favors the forma-

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fore the publication of the second contribution of Baumann and

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extensive tests were made with the steel formaldehyde tank or

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nature of this process appears to me to be consequent upon

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amined them; they gave no elevation of temperature that amounted to anything as a sign;

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produced in any case ; other animals inoculated with Bacillus subtilis

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undoubtedly, to convey the impression, that he was better

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Blood is now and then seen in the sputa. It comes from the

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mal solid elements of the blood do not generally pass from one vascular system to an-

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well authenticated to be rejected, pleuro-pneumonia has in several instances made its

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Finally, I have made microscopic sections of the lung, ulcerated intes-

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numbers : 2, 5, 5, 1, 1. A case of malarial cachexia had

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we found that out of a total of 16,845 cases, to whom

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been entertained in regard to them. They were formerly thought to be

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with this agent including general surgical operations, osteoclasis

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pneumonia; and this is the fact, as I have before stated, regarding the

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wheie, though it has its seasons, it is never wholly

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dentine in the pulp cavity, peri-odontitis, impaction of permanent

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Injuries of Vessels. — In one case of the brachial artery ; in the remaining

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talked of from the fame of its propounder, but no one seems

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lungs were marbled, and the parenchyma varied in color from deep red

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Kloman mine. He remained there until 1876, when he settled in

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