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The experiments under this head were conducted, as stated above, in
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and also held the pelvic bones in place. He reacted a few hours
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tract, including the mouth — catarrhal conditions in the head
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pleuro-pneunionia, post-mortem, was a thing requiring a knowledge only
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modes of disinfecting, and anything disinfected in accordance with the provisions of
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one of the writers describes a disease, which he calls "murrain," in the following
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" Possibly I might have told you so then ; but now I say
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interference except in those exaggerated ones where the
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F.< two with that heated to 150° • two with that heated to 140° • and
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building, which I was told came per steamship Ontario from America;
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in time, by the administration of a drench of peach-tree juice. Hogs die
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Aug. 16, 1887. Incipient senile cataract in each eye, seen when
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opium into the peritoneimi, has for its ol ject the stop-
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organism, as in one of the tubes in the preceding experiment. If these micrococci,
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diseased cows from Williamsburg are often sent away alive to other parts of the island.
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tion, resulting fatally, as far as we know, unless relieved by
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ognized as a condition which must be relieved, and that
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20th. Large movement. March 21st. Patient discharged.
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complicated than in 1878 and in the early part of 1879, and the symptoms,
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the pressure. This is quite simple in detail when it occurs
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presentation of a pathological specimen by a scientific
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Infantile Scurvy in Calcutta. By Prandhan Bose, m.b., Calcutta ... ... ... 455 — 456
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tion to the field, stable, cow-shed, or other premises aforesaid].
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and wood ashes are doubtless a preventive if not a specific. Cholera
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" 6. They are not to be moved alive out of the part of the port of landing from time
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not more than from 6 to 10 ounces can be introduced in one
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cultivation of the comma bacillus in the digestive tract
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and founder of Stamford, Conn., 1640, and who died in Fairfield,
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several forms of obstruction existed, under the doctrine of
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physician can make an exact diagnosis by the means at his
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vented from causing serious morbid changes, either by medical treat-
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harmlessness, an ofEer which could not be a great in-
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them. Now, the medical profession would be perfectly satis-
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dency in 1872-73. In 1869 or 1870, he with his long-time friend
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a disruptive discharge occurred in the circuit of which the tube

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