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Above the pelvis of the kidney, but not communicating with it in
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bination water-motor and storage battery, which he had devised,
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remedies, and when our patients recover or die, we are
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geons now favor some form of operative interference ; and
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gether in a corner and to hide their noses in the bedding, in sick-pig
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in the last case, not showing itself for more than a fortnight after the accident.
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and disseminate the disease over great distances. Forage impregnated
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menced cultivating swine-plague schizophytse, and charged 2 ounces
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title. The secondary involvement of the ear, the tympanic
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"a. Thorough disinfection of the primary focus by mechanical
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We are, consequently, forced back upon the observations of Dr. Det-
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days longer. Before the sutures are removed, the wound
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31. Where a local authority is authorized by the privy council to slaughter cattle
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unbeliever in Christian dogma and all other religious theories, but
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Britain from any place in the dominions of the Emperor of Russia, and landed in Great
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rods from the granules which I found in the virus, it seems to me the
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India is established. That institute we mean to have,
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to the periods when they are chiefly affected, and to
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Experiment No. 5, July 23. — The hen placed with the sick one from
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cedemic, and containing a large quantity of fluid exudation. The hep-
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physician can then note the rate of the pulse, the tension of
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kind, I fail to see that there is any valid reason for
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Hogs' are all afflicted with, a disease that affects their hind legs. Fowls
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who came from 35 districts of 9 pi evinces, and he found the
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Nos. 2, 3, 9, G, 7, 8 A and 8 B. Pigs Nos. 2, 3, and 7 receive three
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plenty of suitable food, and dry shelter to protect them from inclement
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to the second stage of labor, ?vlisrachi concludes that antipyrin is
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has been effused into the tissues is often seen rapidly to dis-
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New York city was $1.16, whereas the expense in the Adirondack
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the jawbone in that part where the cyst is seated. An exa-
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for the sterilization process which consists in boiling the gut
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the general practitioner, and are simply enumerated here to bring
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difiicult diagnosis. The reasons for this are found in the
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aration at the camp, paid a tribute to the high character of the
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State Medical Association was held at the Grivar House, Little

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