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ic-mperature. The danger of cardiac involvement in this dis-

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but under the North Carolina statute the essential ingredient

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pair of artery forceps and circumcises it just below the forceps,

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legally entitled to practice in one state and yet, if he

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will be stocked with animals fur bacteriologic and antitoxin

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are subjects for careful inquiry. It is by a study of

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of severe inflammatory conditions of the eye, it is of

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excellent. The whole of the affected skin surface should be

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instead of perforation of the placenta, is identical. The ad-

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quently develops from tubal suppuration, with the effect of

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its base sears are visible. It has the shape of a triangle,

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and week. Injection of two pints warm saliae solution. Death forty

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hemorrhage from the vetebral artery, which has proven

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action as shown in the mortality statistics. Not only

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it is mostly due to acid sodiuin phosphate, titration with cal-

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for glycogen. Wiener announced that he had established in

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• "These fourteen coughs must have many subdivisions of

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ently, it does not think that any ordinary person, in agreeing .

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half being elected at the first for one year only. Another

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combined vagino-abdominal method. Two of the 21 cases died

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state legislation revealed the fact that the so-called ir-

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Island, N. Y., William H. Corbusler, major and surgeon U. 8. .*..,

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corresponding secretary and Dr. William E. Barker, Chanute,

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were any lesions ever discovered in cadavers with typhoid char-

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ever, may mislead the physician. The point which Currier

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injury. The injury but calls attention to a condition

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is demanded, and it is surprising to find such large quantities

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usual manner by external palpation of the rotating end

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such assistants as it deems necessary, determine their salaries,

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